Sunday, August 2, 2009

Furniture Find!

Whilst perusing through my recent issue of House Beautiful I came across the advertisement for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. They have everything from lighting to rugs to furniture. Here are a select few of their seating pieces that I just love. There's such a sense of regalement while keeping it chic and pristine.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dining: Napkins

{1} marywibis
{2} freesparrow
{3} boxwoodgoods
{4} OdileBellew

These are all finds from Etsy! I really think napkins are the pizazz of a dining set. Completely necessary and versatile. You can add so much character to your meal! It's like seeing a woman in drab clothing walking around with a fabulous purse.

Hotel Lobby

I found this image years ago and saved it in my favorites. I'm not quite sure what struck me about it initially but looking now I adore the masculine armchairs, the feminine floral sofa, the botany, and the vast openness of the lobby. If I were in this hotel I would feel so classy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Balcony Beauty


There is something so romantic about balconies. Even if they are derelict, faded, and rusted. Maybe that even adds to their beauty. It's almost as if they usurp all interest... with a door you wonder what is on the other side but balconies draw you out and into nature's interior.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Niche Note: Satin Bedroom

Does anyone else adore the variety of fabrics in this room as much as I do? I see some shag, some cotton, some satin, and perhaps even some velveteen in there? That headboard is something else! And might I just say that the wallcovering is gorgeous. I love the subtle gold floral and the dull seafoam color. Ignoring the terrible lamps and bedside drawers I'm really diggin' the satiny aura of this room.

From My Pen

I have this draw to creating chairs of all things. Here's a simple armed wingback in charcoal. I think I captured its comfiness rather well.

Niche Note: Cottage Sitting Area

This is a coastal cottage room that I adore for it's curvacious lines and luminous atmosphere. Walled bookshelves have always been a favorite element of mine along with the blend of colors and fabrics seen in the pillows and the rug on the floor. It is sort of a shame that the windows are cut off by a curtain rod but at least the curtains are sheer and let in enough natural light to pull anyone out of a gloomy mood. I just love tiny and cozy but airy rooms. Scrumptious :)

Nursery: Drifting in Pink

Nurseries have always been the one room that I wish I could have decorated for myself. But I guess as a two-year-old I wouldn't have been able to coordinate swatches or pick out furniture. So alas, here's a design that I'm sure any child would appreciate (even if they don't know that they do :P).

Chair - Ikea
Crib - Oeuf
Toy Chest - Pin

Living Room: Roses in Dusk

The colors I use are never bland but the soft browns and blues of this board should be inviting. There's nothing worse than being in a room with delicate colors and feeling as if you shouldn't touch anything. And of course, my signature (and others' I'm sure), I enjoy adding a color to a room that engages a sense of cheer and humor.

Chair - Kingsgate
Side Table - Bulowayo
Planter - Planters Paradise
Mirror - Franklin Iron Works
Painting - Patricia Lebron-Herb