Friday, August 29, 2008

Computer Problems

Unfortunately my computer somehow got a really bad virus so it is currently out of commission. F.y.i. don't trust the program Antivirus XP 2008. It is a fake antivirus program and literally ate my hard drive for breakfast.

So now I'm stuck using an old school computer with Windows 98 and a resolution of 800x600 because it won't let me go any higher :P And it can't handle me downloading anything so basically no pictures of my new crafts for the next week.

I honestly really haven't had time to do much with my crafting in the past few days anyway since I've been busy with figuring out how to deal with the computer virus and I've been applying for jobs. Ooo the real world O_o

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wish You Were Here Card

This is a card I made this evening. I just used watercolor paper, punched holes around the edge, threaded double stranded charcoal yarn through, and slapped a scrapbook paper decoration on the front. The inside has a simple black piece of paper to write on... except you would need a colored gel pen to do so... or you could post a picture there and write on the opposite white side. I'll probably end up sending this to a good friend of mine in Chicago.

The front of the card with a lovely sewn border.

And the inside with a black decorative edge page.

Bird and Vine Embroider

I saw this pattern from Gennine.

Since I'm new to this embroidery thing I couldn't figure out how to get the pattern onto the piece of cloth. I tried carbon paper but that failed so I just ended up drawing it on freehand. It didn't turn out too bad and the ink leaked through to the other side so I followed the pattern on that side :) It worked out swell.

And this would be the end result. I ended up sort of modifying my original idea by giving it a smaller stomach and actually adding color to the bird. I was originally planning on making the bird completely outlined in dark slate blue but I think this turned out nicely :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Patterened Apple

Alright one last post for the night. I think :P I just did this tonight and thought it was a lot of fun. I think I may do this for more fruits. I also printed out a pattern of a pretty bird (of course) to embroider but don't really know what to embroider it on... Hmm. Maybe tomorrow I'll have an update.

Personalized Cards

These are a few cards that I have made. You can personalize them by writing little notes in the spaces provided or just write on the back of them as if they were postcards.

First Craft

I guess where else to start but to post an initial craft of mine eh? :) These are actually a few very different ones just to show that I am all over the place. It's insane but keeps me sane.

Well this would be a bookmark I made. I like the old fashioned look. Very vintage if you will.

This is a simple embroidered cupcake I did last night on an old I heart NY t-shirt. Embroidery is new to me (obviously...) But it's just so relaxing and there are just sooo many sources out there to get inspiration from.

This is one month of the calendar that I am in progress of making. It's simple and cute. I had October done but had the days in the wrong place o_O